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Breaking Down the San Francisco 49ers' Texas Stunt
Article publié le 06/09/2013

Much has been written in the last six months about how the Green Bay Packers must stop the San Francisco 49ers read-option offense. But how do the 49ers stop the vaunted Green Bay passing game? As the old SportsCenter highlight goes, you can't really stop Aaron Rodgers, you can only hope to contain him. That's what head coach Jim Harbaugh and defensive coordinator Vic Fangio have been toying with since the regular-season schedule was released—how do we slow down Rodgers and the Packer passing game?To know how to stop the Green Bay offense, you must first understand it. Casual fans know that head coach Mike McCarthy loves to throw the football, and that Rodgers has a ton of weapons to throw to at wide receiver. That's a good foundation, but how does this offense work?

McCarthy, who came to Green Bay via San Francisco, has built an offense based on old-school West Coast offense concepts. He's added in wrinkles like the shotgun formation and more one-back sets, but the route concepts are classic Bill Walsh. That means flooding one side of the field and giving the quarterback an easy read so that he can get the ball out quickly.The West Coast offense was built for quarterbacks, and the Packers' staple passing play—a dig/seam route combination—is a great example of this.Rodgers, in the shotgun, has 11 personnel on the field—that's one running back and one tight end. In this formation, the tight end, Jermichael Finley, is not lined up on the end of the offensive line, but in a flex position one yard off the ball and detached from the right tackle. With one wide receiver split left and two to his right, Rodgers has an overloaded formation on the right.

Tight end Finley releases with outside technique to get away from the outside linebacker. Outside wide receivers use inside technique to gain positioning on their routes. The slot receiver runs a basic seam route while the outside receiver runs a dig route.Rodgers will be looking from the seam, to the dig, to the out route run by Finley. If all are covered, he can go to his backside to check the go route being run by the "X" receiver. If all else fails, the back is releasing into the flats after checking for blitz protection.

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Is the prostitution law enforced
Article publié le 04/09/2013

In Korea, an establishment selling sex is rarely more than a short walk or mouse click away. Such is the visibility of massage parlors, room salons and karaoke joints that facilitate prostitution that a first-time visitor to a Korean city could be forgiven for thinking the sex trade was legal.Even some 40 percent of Koreans claimed to be unaware that prostitution was illegal in a survey carried out in 2001, before the introduction of the 2004 Special Law on Prostitution that criminalizes both the buying and selling of sex. Despite the apparent openness of an industry estimated by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family to be worth almost 7 trillion won annually, the authorities make a sizable number of arrests related to prostitution every year. The number, however, has been in steep decline in recent years: From a peak of 73,000 in 2009, 21,123 people were arrested last year for organizing, patronizing or working in the industry.

The persistent visibility and scale of the industry has caused some working in outreach services for prostitutes and victims of sex trafficking to question how serious the authorities really are about the issue. Ahn Chang-hye, a former worker at one such support center in Seoul, acknowledged the authorities faced challenges in catching perpetrators “in the act,” but insisted they could be doing more.“Despite the anti-prostitution law saying that even advertising or enticing the buying or selling of sex is illegal and is punishable, it all depends on how badly the government wants to eradicate it and how many resources the government is willing to put in,” said Ahn.“I believe that the police can do a much better job as long as they work with more passion, but ... busting brothels is not one of their priorities.”

Those in law enforcement deny apathy is the reason for the prevalence of the industry, instead pointing to limited resources and difficulties collecting evidence.“The police have designated a certain period every year devoted to crackdowns on prostitution as well as regular police raids,” a Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency officer said on condition of anonymity. “However, the size of the police force is very limited and there are other divisions we need to take care of, so it is difficult for us to exert our full force on prostitution problems.”Kim Kang-ja, a former chief of Jongam Police Station who led a number of crackdowns on the industry in the 2000s, echoed these sentiments. This is my favorite:Tigers Clutch Needs Repair

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DIY video game tools put you in control
Article publié le 30/08/2013

EVERYONE has a book in them – or so the saying goes. Could there be a video game in there too? We might soon find out. Project Spark – a game for the Xbox One and Windows 8 PCs, which Microsoft showed off at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, last week – will provide a digital playpen in which gamers can get together to create and share games of their own.Project Spark is just the highest profile product in a host of tools that are fuelling the ambitions of a new breed of passionate players who want to make the leap from merely participating to designing the worlds they play in.Far from being hardcore programmers, these gamers tend to be amateurs who come to the table with very little experience of writing computer code.

Tools such as Game Maker, Flixel, RPG Maker and Twine – a tool for making interactive fiction – now let budding developers start making games by dragging objects about in a graphical interface or simply by writing text."The barrier to entry for game development has been demolished," says games developer Christer Kaitila. "These are exciting times for an emerging art – the gates have been flung wide open."Though it started as a niche hobby, DIY game design is set to go mainstream. Microsoft's Project Spark aims to turn the making of games itself into a game. Players are given a fully configurable world that can be moulded with gestures recognised by Kinect – mountains are sculpted and valleys scooped out with a swipe of the hand. Buildings, characters and objects of almost any kind can be added via graphical interfaces.

Once it is all in place, users can devise simple scripts that give their creations programmed behaviours. One demo of the game showed how a rock, for example, could be turned into a faithful sidekick by adding a few short commands.Early testers have already created a wide variety of games, from block-matching puzzle games to side-scrollers, top-down shooters, and 3D first-person adventures – many of them recreations of existing games. Project Spark makes this level of creativity accessible by hiding hundreds of lines of code beneath the interfaces that are second nature to gamers.This is my favorite:Crushing and grinding agreement to ‘end mill liner duopoly’

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Big Wheel-Inspired Trike for Adults Brings Nostalgia
Article publié le 23/08/2013

If you were a child any time in the last four decades, odds are you rode a Big Wheel, the low-riding plastic trike named after its iconic front tire. Unfortunately for adults who never quite moved on from their tricycles, the Big Wheel has thus far been restricted to those small enough to fit in its cockpit.Now one Colorado company is helping grownups re-live their Big Wheel memories. High Roller USA has developed what amounts to an adult-sized Big Wheel, complete with handle-bar tassels and a bell. The price for this dose of nostalgia? $599, almost twelve times the cost of the kids version.

But for High Roller CEO Matt Armbruster, these childhood memories are priceless. The 45-year-old former aerospace engineer told USA Today that he loved Big Wheels so much as a kid that he founded an annual Big Wheel Rally while studying at the University of Colorado. As the resident Big Wheel expert, Arbruster was frequently asked by rally-goers — hundreds of which attend the event every year — where an adult-sized Big Wheel could be found.Arbruster searched high and low, but came up empty. Rather than live in a world without adult tricycles, he quit his job and began designing the High Roller. A Kickstarter campaign yielded $89,000, and the founder now predicts he will sell at least 1,000 more of the trikes during 2013.

The Big Wheel brand’s actual owner, Jakks Pacific, appears to have been caught offguard by the High Roller’s surprising demand. The company is planning to release its own adult Big Wheel sometime in 2014 for roughly $400. Until then, Armbruster has a virtual monopoly on the throw-back toy’s market.One question left unanswered is how to pacify your children when they see a six-hundred dollar trike under the Christmas tree with their parent’s name on it. We recommend giving them a similarly extravagant toy transport, such as this $900 Porsche pedal car, to take some of the edge off. Just pray they don’t ask for the adult version.

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Hyundai Motor's South Korean labor woes strike again
Article publié le 15/08/2013

Hyundai Motor Co's 45,000 union workers in South Korea voted to strike over unmet demands including a one-off payment of $2.45 billion from the company's record 2012 profit and gold medals for long-serving employees.A year after Hyundai's costliest ever work stoppage halted production of more than 82,000 cars worth 1.7 trillion won, the world's No. 5 automaker including its Kia Motors Corp unit, is bracing for another blow with the union promising an "intensive strike" as early as next week.Although analysts say another prolonged strike like last year's looks unlikely, the recurring strife is taking a toll on the company's output, reputation and share price.

The union has staged strikes in all but four years since it was created in 1987, making South Korea's auto industry far more prone to industrial action than its big global rivals, the United States, Japan and Germany. About 1,000 Hyundai workers rallied in front of the automaker's Seoul headquarters on Wednesday and police blockaded the entrance.While the U.S. "Motor City" of Detroit recently filed for bankruptcy protection, Hyundai's production hub of Ulsan boasts the country's highest per capita income, thanks largely to the auto union's successful wage negotiations."We don't like to strike. But the company has accepted part of our demand only after we staged strikes," union spokesman Kwon Oh-il told Reuters.

Hyundai Motor shares have shed $1.1 billion in market value since its wage talks collapsed on Aug. 6. The company offered to resume wage talks this Friday, but union chief Moon Yong-moon said he would return to the table only if the company offered a better deal.The union's requests include performance pay equivalent to eight times the monthly base salary, and the one-off payment equivalent to 30 percent of the company's $8.17 billion in 2012 profit.Since 2002, Hyundai workers' average annual salary has more than doubled to 94 million won, according to the company's regulatory filings.This is my favorite:The answer could be riding on GO

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