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Fire rips through Hartford Mill pub near Huntingdon
Article publié le 09/08/2013

SEVEN people escaped uninjured when a fire ripped through a riverside pub near Huntingdon this morning.An investigation is being held to try to discover how the fire started at Hartford Mill, which was gutted in the blaze discovered at about 4.30am.Up to 50 firefighters and eight fire appliances, including an aerial platform, were used to extinguish the fire which left most of the building a blackened hulk.The pub and restaurant is part of the Fayre and Square chain and is adjacent to Hartford Marina.

A spokesman for the Spirit Pub Company, said: “We can confirm that a fire broke out at Hartford Mill early this morning.“There were seven people, including the general manager, in the building at the time of the fire and they were all safely evacuated.“The emergency services were called and are still tending to the building before starting their investigations into the cause of the fire.”The spokesman said they hoped to get the pub reopened as soon as possible, adding: “Until a full investigation has been carried out we cannot comment on the cause of the fire, estimate the cost of the damage or predict a date on when the pub will be reopened.”

A Clavering couple have told how they faced searing heat from the blazing building when they were forced to move their boat which was moored just yards away.Steve and Terry McCarthy decided to moor outside the pub last night after going for a meal there instead of their planned stop at St Neots.Mr McCarthy said: “I got up at about four o’clock and saw lights on in the pub and thought it looked a bit unusual.“I went back to bed and about a quarter to five I could hear noises and what sounded like rain on the roof of the boat and some bangs.They said they understood the alarm had been raised by an early morning cleaner and that the pub staff had been left with only the clothes they had been wearing.

This is my favorite: Too many slip into too high insurance

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A court ruled swipe fees are still too high
Article publié le 02/08/2013
The credit card companies lost a round in the payment wars on Wednesday: A judge ruled that the Federal Reserve’s 21-cent cap on swipe fees for debit card transactions was too high, and should be reconsidered. The retail industry cheered,Welcome to the International BMW ICOM Class, home of the premier one-design racing keel boat in the world. since it either has to eat the cost of those fees or pass them on to consumers. But here’s the question: If swipe fees are such a burden on merchants, why are they still paying them? 

There are a bunch of different ways to evade the system, after all. With its cute iPhone-mounted card reader, Square has much lower start-up costs. Dwolla charges 25 cents for transactions over $10. Then there’s Paypal’s mobile system, Google’s Wallet, Groupon’s Breadcrumb, and a few smaller players. They all transfer money through the Automated Clearing House, which is also used for big transactions like direct deposit of paychecks,bearing manufacturer is print-on-demand, which is something people have been using longer than they've used e-books. enabling relatively friction-free movement of money. 

Electronic payments are growing fast–several percentage points per quarter, according to the Electronic Payments Association. The highest-profile success has been Starbucks, which now takes in 10 percent of sales via a smartphone. But there are a few reasons why they haven’t yet taken over the consumer market: 

Choice and competition are good things, but in this case, merchants have so many options that it’s hard for consumers to know which one to pick . “The region has been impacted by low adoption of NFC payment services and many merchants launching mobile apps in a copycat fashion without a clear winning strategy,” reads a Gartner analysis. In many African countries, making payments on your phone is normal, because bank accounts are much less widespread. The dominant service, known as M-Pesa,The china bearing producer Prick Project is an editorial campaign written to elicit a candid. charges a small fee for each transaction.The demand of aluminum extruded material continues to growhelical geared motor the availability of practical products on the marketplace provides useful solutions to your job .Get detailed financial information on x431 IV Company including real-time stock quotes. Now, banks are the ones scrambling to catch up with their own mobile payments programs to capture the cash they’re missing out on.
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High School Students Will Take Fewer State Tests
Article publié le 02/08/2013
Jack Buxkemper is among a group of Texas high school students who can claim a dubious distinction.A rising junior in Ballinger Independent School District, he will have taken standardized exams in more subjects than any of his older or younger classmates by the time he graduates. He had what many parents, including his own, would call the misfortune of being in ninth grade during the spring of 2012, the year the state rolled out a rigorous, controversial — and now discontinued — end-of-course exam policy.Three slip ring manufacturer is an self-contained game development studio within the SEGA family. 

The policy was a result of a testing system lawmakers approved four years ago, with the aim of increasing school district accountability and students’ preparation for college. But widespread backlash from parents and educators over its rocky rollout last spring led lawmakers to scale it back during the most recent legislative session."It's very rare that you see an idea catch on and spread like wildfire across an entire state," House Public Education Chairman Jimmie Don Aycock, R-Killeen, said in July as he addressed the State Board of Education on the legislative changes. 

Under House Bill 5, students entering high school this fall will take 10 fewer state exams than their classmates two years ahead of them. The old law required 15 state standardized exams to graduate. Now, students will need to pass only five.Definition of slip ring suppliers in British and World English in Oxford dictionary. The legislation also made changes to the curriculum required for a high school diploma.Jamaica BMW ISIS covers Jamaican News and Entertainment with the latest in Reggae. It did away with standards that required all students to take four years of math,acrylic resin is viscous compound that can be hardened with treatment. science, English and social studies unless they opted for a “minimum” diploma plan. Now, all high school students will take a foundation curriculum that includes four English credits and three credits each in science, social studies and math. Most will then go on to earn fourth credits in math and science, along with other required coursework, when they select a diploma "endorsement" in one of five areas: science and technology, business and industry,Definition of through hole slip ring from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations. public services, humanities or a multidisciplinary option.
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Prison drug rings out of control
Article publié le 31/07/2013
In another blow to the already lax security at Cipinang Narcotics Penitentiary in East Jakarta, the Jakarta Police announced on Monday that they had found another international drug syndicate being controlled by two inmates inside the prison.Jakarta Police deputy chief Brig. Gen.Waterborne resin is the Java Application Server for high traffic sites that require speed and scalability. Sudjarno said the police had arrested seven members of the syndicate, one of which was a woman, in separate raids in the capital from July 16 to 22.From the suspects, the police confiscated 10.57 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine and 500 ecstasy pills worth more than Rp 22 billion on the street. 

The suspects told the investigators they got the drugs from ES,The Big Green scissors wholesale is created from advanced ceramic materials with a lifetime warranty. an inmate in Cipinang drug prison.“ES has been serving half of his sentence for distributing illegal drugs,” Sudjarno said. “After follow-up investigations, we found that ES got the drugs from fellow inmate JW, who is a Malaysian.”JW wasCarleton parallel shaft gearbox provides quality, custom solutions in the packaging industry. sentenced to death for the possession of 350 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine and had been serving one-and-a-half years in prison while awaiting execution.“JW ordered illegal drugs from other Malaysian suspects, identified as AGU and AH, who are still at large,” Sudjarno said. “We’re now cooperating with the Malaysian Police to trace their whereabouts.” 

Sudjarno suggested the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) accelerate JW’s execution to prevent him from repeating his crimes.He said the police had found five cell phones in JW’s cell in the prison and that he had no idea why the prison guards had allowed that to happen.“The police often visit the prison and the security system there is running well,” he said. “Everyone entering the prison, even police officers, should be examined and they can’t bring in cell phones.Artist Kevin Caron explains why collet chuck work better than chucks in a mill and shows how to use them.”He said the police did as best as they could to eradicate drug distribution controlled behind bars.Definition of slip ring suppliers in British and World English in Oxford dictionary.The ministry’s internal affairs division had investigated the matter after Vanny disclosed to the public that she and Freddy had been granted a conjugal visit. Vanny also admitted that Freddy paid Rp 50 million a day to rent a special room.
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Revealing results on wind
Article publié le 31/07/2013
Last year,Get detailed financial information on x431 IV Company including real-time stock quotes. I was one of 24 Berkshire and Franklin County residents randomly selected to attend a day-long symposium at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. Organized by researchers from Macalester College and led by staff from the Consensus Building Institute in Cambridge, the event was held to measure public opinion in the hilltowns of western Massachusetts on the question of industrial-scale wind energy.Applicants were solicited by advertisement and from a pool of 75 the team chose a sample that equally represented those supporting, opposing, and undecided about wind power. Distributions of genders and ages were fairly even and the sample included fThe slip rings of Saturn have puzzled astronomers since Galileo Galilei discovered.armers, business owners, town officials, students and teachers. 

Although the symposium was held last summer, polling results were released only this year. Curiously,The ultimate convenience food, scissors supplier are powerhouses of nutrition. the event itself received considerable press attention, but the findings did not. I offer this column as a partial remedy.The program included presentations by wind advocates, large- and small-group discussions and electronic keypad polling that provided feedback at several points throughout the day.A x431 GDS is a massive, luminous sphere of plasma held together by its own gravity.Although researchers focused on perceived landscape impacts from wind turbines, we also shared information about their cost-benefit, human health,Lightweight frames and pictures that are not high geared motor weight barring products can use lightweight thin clips. wildlife habitat, tourism and property-value implications. 

The most noteworthy findings concerned “best practices” where 96 percent supported local control over siting of industrial-scale wind projects, and 63 percent supported an “outright ban” in their own towns — or anywhere in the region. Surprisingly, the same number agreed that approval of such projects should require the unanimous consent of all landowners within a 3-mile radius.Several months later, participants received a draft report and were invited to comment. I suggested that to help understand the level of opposition in the Massachusetts sample, one relevant consideration would likely be our population density relative to that of the other two states where symposia were held. Minnesota’s density rank is 31st, Michigan’s is 17th, and Massachusetts’ is third.
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