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An opportunity to make your own movie
Article publié le 06/11/2012
If you have not made a movie yet, you still can - at Michel Gondry's Home Movie Factory in down-town Johannesburg's Maboneng Precinct. Called The Home Movie Factory, this intWe are professional slewing bearing Manufacturerseractive experience has been extended until 25 November due to its popularity.Corporation is a premier manufacturer of slip ring commutator. 

It sees movie-making become a fun group activity for anyone who wants to try it. People from all walks of life have made movies since the Factory opened its doors on 1 September. "Over 200 movies have been made since the project was launched," says Russell Grant, co-founder of The Bioscope Independent Cinema, which is the partner of this key French Season project. 

"Generally, everything we see on TV or at the cinema and a great deal of the music you hear is made by people who have self-expression as their profession. This means there are a lot of other people we never see or hear anything from.Rothe Erde spindle bearing are machine elements which absorb all axial The Home Movie Factory opens its doors to precisely those people,A full selection of high quality used Quarry plant including conveyors, gyratory crushers, ball mills and mining equipment accessories.Spectrum Microwaves rotary joint are designed for high speed operation." says the originator of the concept, the cult French filmmaker Michel Gondry. 

The filming takes place within an interactive exhibition of backgrounds, props and costumes that reflect the iconic and everyday aspects of Johannesburg. 

The project is part of the France-South Africa Seasons 2012 & 2013, an initiative facilitated by the governments of the two countries to help their respective peoples to understand each other better through culture, science, sport, education and business. 

The French Season in South Africa ends in November while the South African Season in France takes place next year.
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killed in wall collapseTwo labourers killed in wall collapse
Article publié le 05/11/2012

Two women labourers were killed in a wall collapse at an under construction godown near New Pardi on Kamptee Road on Sunday afternoon. 

The incident took place around 4pm while construction work was in progress and the women labourers were resting near the wall. Malti Sahu, a resident of New Pardi and other named Usha Bansod,Glen Quarry plant provides the answer to all your requirements. a resident of Ambe Nagar, were killed on the spot. Labourers said that a coal crusher firm is located just next to the under construction site.We are professional slewing bearing Manufacturers 

Labourers who witnessed the incident claimed that the wall collapsed due to the vibrations from the coal crusher machine on the wall.Molex is a leading supplier of connector and interconnect components. They said that the construction work had started just a month ago. A 15 feet wall was built a fortnight ago. 

After having lunch, five labourers were resting near the wall even as the coal crusher was functioning on the other side. Suddenly, the wall collapsed and Sahu and Bansod were trapped under the debris while the other three managed to escape.Vibrating screen is a mechanical phenomenon whereby oscillations occur about an equilibrium point. One of them suffered minor injuries. 

There was tension on the construction site after labourers blamed the contractor for the wall collapse.Rothe Erde spindle bearing are machine elements which absorb all axial They claimed that the building owner had given the construction contract to a private company who then gave the contract to another private contractor. The labourers alleged that the material provided by the contractor was of inferior quality. 

Angry relatives claimed that cops refused to cooperate with them. Until late Sunday night, police had not registered the case against the contractor.

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Noorat mourns farming identity Niel Black
Article publié le 05/11/2012

THE community of Noorat is in mourning after the shock death of local identity Niel Black in a tragic farm accident yesterday. 
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The accident happened just after 1pm as 77-year-old Mr Black was checking stock on his Mount Noorat property. 

It is believed his white utility lost traction and rolled about 200 metres down a steep embankment,A Hydraulic cone crusher is a machine designed to reduce large rocks into smaller rocks.Spectrum Microwaves rotary joint are designed for high speed operation. before coming to rest in a quarry which backs onto the property. Mr Black was the sole occupant of the vehicle at the time. 

Shocked locals gathered at the quarry entrance on the Terang-Mortlake Road as news of the accident spread. 

He was an outspoken supporter of the dairy industry through boom and slump and a vocal advocate for co-operative structures, arguing they protected the interests of producers and returned benefits for regional community investment. 

Niel Black was the great-grandson of pioneer pastoralist Niel Black (1804-1880), who settled Glenormiston in 1840. 
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Mr Black married his wife Eve in recent years after his first wife Josie died in 2009.A deep groove ball bearing is a type of rolling-element bearing that uses balls to maintain the separation between the bearing races. 

He was highly regarded as a community leader and was last year recognised as an inaugural inductee on the Great South West Dairy Industry Honour Board.Miniature full complement cylindrical roller bearing are critical to virtually any application with moving parts. 

“From the early days I have found it satisfying to be involved in farming organisations,” he said in a recent interview with WestVic Dairy News.Corporation is a premier manufacturer of slip ring commutator.

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IPad Mini vs Kindle Fire HD vs Nexus
Article publié le 30/10/2012

As reported by Android-centric tech sites,Find the best selection of high-quality collectible bobbleheads available anywhere Google will launch two new Android tablets by the end of this month, the 32GB Nexus 7 tablet and the unannounced 10-incher Samsung Nexus Android tablet. According to rumors, the 32GB Nexus 7′s entry will push the 8GB’s price down to $149 to $160, cheaper than its original $199 price tag. The former high-end Nexus 7, the 16GB model,is a full-service precision spindle High-Speed Spindle Bearings manufacturer, spindle sales and spindle service provider for an extensive range of machine tool will reportedly take the $199 slot, followed by the new 32GB top-end model sporting the $249 price tag. 

According to the rumor mill, Google will also formally unveil a new 10-inch Nexus tablet, a Samsung Mobile-manufactured device that might take the same “inexpensive” path to lure more customers. ASUS is the manufacturer of the Nexus 7 line. 

On the other side of the battle, Amazon is trying its best to attract more Kindle Fire HD tablet owners, but according to reviews posted on the web, the problem of Amazon is its biggest rival, Google,Beach casual Bobble head. Our Custom made Custom Casual Bobble Head Dolls Dolls -. We sculpt our dolls to look like the photos you provide to us. and the company’s new line of Nexus tablet computers. Compared to the Nexus 7, the Kindle Fire HD is running a highly customized version of Android with no support for additional software updates from Google. Also, the new Kindle Fire’s operating system is very limited and only allows Amazon’s products and services like the company’s app store, mp3 store, movies and TV shows store, e-books store and much more.

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Couple gets life term for murder
Article publié le 30/10/2012

A Pune court recently sentenced a man and his wife to life imprisonment for murdering a close relative. According to the prosecution, the murder was a fallout of jealousy because the victim had two sons, while convicts Vishnu Raghunath Khandagale (32) and Rekha alias Gawalan Vishnu Khandagale (25) from Wakad had three daughters.Block is a compact and programmable Stainless Steel Pillow Block supplier control surface designed for interactive audio performance The murdered woman was Vishnu’s sister-in-law. 

Vishnu’s younger brother Shankar married Sonali in 2005 and the four started staying together with Kadubai Raghunath Khandagale — Shankar and Vishnu’s mother. 

After three years of their marriage, Shankar and Sonali had two sons. According to the prosecution, “Vishnu and his wife Rekha did not have any son. Hence,such as Braided Elastic China Hair Bands Knitted Exporters and Knitted Elastic Bands they used to ill-treat Sonali out of jealousy. Sonali’s father-in-law had sold a plot near their house for Rs 11 lakh. Vishnu and Rekha used to tell Sonali that she will not get a share from that money. When Sonali complained to her husband Shankar, he abused and beat her.” 

After Sonali complained to her parents and brother, they tried to persuade the in-laws following which Sonali and Shankar started to reside in a separate house adjacent to Sonali’s in-laws.With just one click, Common Spindle bearing Professional sends documents to multiple locations by email, fax and print. 

On August 12, 2010, around 2 pm, Sonali’s minor son was allegedly beaten up by Rekha. Sonali then went to Rekha and cautioned her against abusing her sons, the prosecution said, adding that this angered Vishnu and he went to Sonali’s house along with Rekha and beat her up. “According to police, Vishnu poured kerosene on Sonali and Rekha set her afire, following which the duo fled from the scene. No one tried to rescue her,” additional public prosecutor Ashok Mulchandani told the court.

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