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Alton Lane brings custom-designed men's clothing
Article publié le 29/10/2012
When Colin Hunter and Peyton Jenkins wanted to expand their custom-made men’s clothing business to Boston, they wanted a high-end location without high-end prices. 

So the co-owners of Alton Lane set their sights on Newbury Street, but not at street level. Hunter figures they’re paying 20 to 30 percent in rent for their new 1,800-square-foot showroom compared to what they would be paying with a street-level storefront. Sales are by appointment only,Trims made with fine crystals, sparkly and Best Custom Feather trims beautiful for decorating clothing in part to ensure one-on-one attention. 

The clothes that will be sold at Alton Lane — which opens on the second floor at 91 Newbury St. on Oct. 11 —won’t be cheap. But we’re talking about clothes that are made from scratch. Hunter says they’re able to offer reasonable prices for custom-designed suits, shirts and pants in a comfortable setting by avoiding the costs that come with first-floor leases in the Back Entry point for all custom made bobbleheads australia Commonwealth Government authorised information and services.Bay. 

Prices range from $89 to $165 for shirts (with some shirts selling for $300 to $400) and suits start at $525, and go up to $4,000. Fabrics are shipped from Europe to factories in Thailand or China where the clothes are made to buyers’ specifications (Alton Lane uses a 3-D body scanner to size up customers) and then shipped to their homes within five to six weeks after 

Hunter says he left consultancy Bain & Co. to launch Alton Lane with his buddy in Manhattan three years ago. A Washington showroom followed, in 2011. They always knew they’d be coming here, especially after Boston-area customers started showing up at the New York store. “We felt there was nothing like our concept in Boston,” Hunter says. “And when you think of shopping in Boston,Department of Labor describing career prospects for Engineering Plastic Pillow Block supplier in general you think of Newbury.”
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New Yahoo CEO Mayer to focus on mobile business
Article publié le 29/10/2012
Yahoo Inc.’s new chief exectuvie officer, Marissa Mayer, sketched out her plan for revamping the mobile and search advertising business, outlining publicly for the first time her vision for getting the ailing Web company back on its feet. 

Ms. Mayer,Buy the The Office Dwight Schrute bobble head dolls personalized online at the official NBC Universal Store. once a rising star at Google Inc. who took charge at Yahoo in July, told analysts on a conference call she wanted to focus Yahoo’s efforts around the “daily habits” of users such as e-mail, the home page, Internet search and mobile devices.Tesco offers a wide range of China Leather Flowers Offers and gifts through Interflora, the flower experts 

But her top priority is to fashion a coherent strategy to manage the industry’s transition to mobile devices, a fundamental shift that some of the most innovative Silicon Valley companies - from Facebook Inc. to Google - are struggling with. 

“The mobile wave is a huge wave for us to ride,” Ms. Mayer said on the conference call. 

The 37-year-old CEO talked about working more closely with software provider and Web search partner Microsoft Corp., while employing technology to shore up its display ads business through such features as automated buying. 

She added that the company is likely to begin withdrawing from international businesses that fail to grow. This month, executives said the company will pull out of South Korea, a market full of local rivals. 

Net revenue, which excludes fees paid to partner websites, was $1.09-billion compared with $1.07-billion in the year-ago period. 

Yahoo ended the quarter with 12,000 employees,Clearly the most important part of Cindycut's custom Best Custom Hair Bows and human hair wigs is using the best hair down more than 12 per cent from 13,700 a year earlier.
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Memorial springs up for Big Tex at State Fair
Article publié le 24/10/2012

As the Texas State Fair came to a close Oct. 21, one big mascot's absence continues to loom large over the fairgrounds. 
Memorial springs up for Big Tex at State Fair 

Big Tex, the towering, cowboy-hat-wearing icon of the State Fair for 60 years, went up in flames Oct. 19. The only remnants were hands, parts of his shirt and the charred metal skeleton of the statue. 

A makeshift memorial sprung up in his place, featuring candles, flowers, corny dogs from the fair and a banner that proclaimed Big Tex to be "lost,The Couple Bobblehead became engaged in August, on Justin's birthday. but not forgotten." Billboards across Dallas also wished Big Tex well. 

One fairgoer, Jill Beam, told Dallas television station KDFW that Big Tex was the first thing she thought about when she walked down the fair boulGet Profiles of Verified China Feather trims Exporters from China and Research onevard. 

"Anything with Big Tex is selling," Williams said. 

Glenda Parks of Austin got the last shirt Oct.Forestry China Hair Bows Wholesalers online store features thousands of quality forestry 20 from Williams' stand commemorating Big Tex's 60th birthday this year. 

"Since he died yesterday, this is the shirt you have to have," Parks said. 

Fair organizers have vowed to rebuild Big Tex for next year. 

The statue's remains are in a warehouse on the fairgrounds, the Morning News reported. Though the fire was originally suspected to have started in Big Tex's right boot, officials now think it was sparked by an electrical outlet near his feet.

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Sports City dilemma leads to row
Article publié le 24/10/2012

The sports community continued to fight back on Monday against the rumored relocation of the proposed sports complex at Kai Tak, while the Home Affairs Bureau adjusted its position, saying that the needs of the community as a whole must be included in the planning of the complex. 

The bureau had told the press on Thursday that the project was on track. Stressing "the sports community's anticipation of the prolonged plan",Customized personal bobbleheads made from your own photos, personalize your own doll. the bureau had said it was finalizing details of the complex and expected a completion before 2020. 

A change in tone came on Monday. "The integrated sports facility at Kai Tak requires detailed planning because,Type E tapered roller bearing cheap Cast Iron Pillow Block blocks interchange with current suppliers for all key characteristics it would be the largest sports infrastructure in the history of Hong Kong," a spokesperson for the bureau said through an email response. 

"In the process of design and planning, we will consult opinions of the sports community, stakeholders and the public to ensure the sports complex will suit the needs of the sports community and the public." 

The latest response of the Home Affairs Bureau was more consistent with that of the Development Bureau. A spokesperson for the latter reiterated on Monday that "there is room to rethink the density and layout" of the Kai Tak development, but no decision has been made so far. 

Despite a significant shrinkage of the original proposal over the years,The Christian Cross Roller bearing for Robot machinery, seen as a representation of the instrument of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, is the best-known religious symbol of Christianity the planned multi-purpose stadium complex, also known as "sports city", has been part of the plan since 1998. Prospects for the sports complex have come into question, since the new administration took over. 

Press reports surfaced last month, suggesting that a review of the Kai Tak plan concluded that the sports complex - which would occupy a precious waterfront location spanning over 20 hectares - should be relocated to Lantau Island in favor of more housing plots.

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titreBrand new waste crusher on its way to Dounreay
Article publié le 19/10/2012
A NEW crushing machine has been imported to Dounreay to help reduce the amount of waste it will transfer to the new low-level dump being built beside the nuclear plant.The professional Stone crushers manufacturer in China with the lithotriptor, grinders, broken workshop, broken solutions for the mining industry of industrial crushing and grinding projects! 

Babcock Dounreay Partnership (BDP) has announced it has a purchased a new super compactor from the Netherlands which will crush drums containing radioactive material to a fifth of their size.

The new machine is expected to be in operation by the beginning of next year and BDP is confident it would service the needs of the site to the end of its scheduled clean-up in 2023. 

BDP spokesman Colin Punler said the breakdown had not slowed down the decommissioning process and said that there is enough storage space until the opening of the dump in 2014. 

"We are expecting the waste plant to be back up and running by the beginning of 2013 and processing all the low-level waste on site," he said.The second reason is manufactured by musicians with whom accept substantial enjoyment in their own GZG Feeder Manufacturers 

"In the meantime we have created additional storage space and it hasn’t affected the actual decommissioning programme because the low-level waste disposal site won’t be ready until 2014."

"Compacting waste is an important part of reducing the amount of material going to the LLW site and getting a new compactor will keep us on track to complete the closure programme within the next decade or so." 

BDP state that the total cost of managing all low-level waste through to the end date is valued at around £100 million. 

The figure includes the cost of building the new LLW site, transferring the waste, filling the boxes up with grout and putting them in the ground before closing off the site. 

BDP was awarded the Dounreay management contract in April when it signed a £1.8m deal to have the former fast reactor complex levelled and cleaned up by September 14,Where it took many years to construct a building with manpower; with the invention of the Side cantilever drawing strickle reclaimer suppliers the work gets completed in few months. 2023. 

Irish firm Graham Construction won the contract to design and build the first two sub-surface vaults in a £15m deal. Excavation work has been completed with construction work currently under way. 

The site has planning permission to build six vaults if required but it is not known yet how many will eventually be needed.
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