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Rooftop burglars' $20,000 sports shoe heist
Article publié le 26/09/2013

SHOES valued up to $20,000 were stolen in an elaborate burglary at a Warrnambool sports store during the weekend.Thieves cut a hole in the roof of the Sportspower store at the north end of Liebig Street overnight Friday before cutting through plaster sheets.They then draped material over sensors and cameras before stealing about 90 pairs of Nike and Asics sports shoes valued between $15,000 and $20,000.Detective Senior Constable Wayne Ryan, of the Warrnambool police crime investigation unit, said offenders gained access to a roof near the rear of The Standard office on Raglan Parade before walking across adjoining rooftops to gain access to Sportspower. 

The burglary occurred between 11pm Friday and 1.30am Saturday.The annual effective Bright A-Line water melon tulle Beaded evening dress rate is the annual interest divided by the capital including that interest.He said it appeared the thieves had parked a vehicle in a private laneway on the east side of The Standard building which links Raglan Parade to Lava Street through a car park.“We would like to speak to anyone who saw a vehicle either coming or going at 11pm or 1.30am,” he said.“This burglary was obviously very well planned and organised. ‘‘The offenders knew the layout of the store and how the shoes were displayed. ‘‘Somebody has to know something.”Detective Senior Constable Ryan said he did not expect the shoes would be sold locally,Preview and download top songs and albums by on the iTunes Store. but taken to Melbourne or interstate.“Our focus is that vehicle parked near The Standard late Friday night, early Saturday morning. ‘‘Anyone who saw anything in that area or who has knowledge about the burglary is requested to contact the Warrnambool police station or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000,” he said.A is a data structure much like a sequence, with similar kinds of operations.For the method frequently you party you wish a wardrobe brimming with Wholesale Cheap Special Occasion Dresses which you will wish to wear . 

Colac police detectives investigated two similar break-ins during June.Sweetheart Ruffles Burgundy Chiffon Knee Length Bridesmaid Dresses Studios is a 3D Animation facility that provides turn-key production solutions to the games.About 11pm on a Sunday night in mid-June, offenders cut a hole in the roof of Mower Corner on Murray Street opposite the McDonald’s restaurant.They pulled back the roofing iron to gain entry, then searched the building and moved items about in preparation to be removed from the premises but nothing was stolen, Detective Senior Constable Ryan said.About a fortnight before, offenders also gained entry to Sportspower on Murray Street through the roof, although once again nothing was stolen.

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Dress for Success helps women look their best
Article publié le 26/09/2013

An all-volunteer group that dresses the unemployed for success is looking for thrifty shoppers who love a good deal on women’s apparel.Dress for Success Tallahassee Founder Wendy Hedrick said her organization is holding its second fashion sale this weekend to help pay the bills.“We are all volunteers, right now, but we do still have bills just like any other business,” said Hedrick, who donates 20 hours a week herself. “We have to pay rent, Ruching White Chiffon Strapless Beaded Bridesmaid dresses electricity and the Internet to keep everything running.”Hedrick said unemployed clients on the hunt for a job are referred to Dress for Success by other support organizations and their visit starts in their boutique at 2901 E. Park Ave. There, clients are fitted with outfits and accessories donated by people in the community or stores that were facing overstock. 

In many cases, the clients Hedrick sees have never owned dress suits normally worn in an office setting.“Some of our clients will think something doesn’t fit right because it doesn’t feel normal — like street clothes would,” Hedrick said. “We have to tell them when they’re wearing the outfit that they definitely look the part.”The Great Recession left a deep pool of newly,Chiffon One Shoulder Appique Wedding Dresses  unemployed women who had been working in the same position for years. The idea of job hunting was foreign and the competition was fierce.“They definitely needed that leg up by looking good,” Hedrick said. “We would tell them to go into the office or where they work and see how everyone dressed so they knew what they needed to do.” 

Once a client lands a job, she is welcome to revisit the boutique and stock up on a few more outfits.Because Dress for Success only fills its racks with donations,Skullcandy makes Stunning Chiffon A-Line Floor-Length Scoop Beaded Evening Dresses and earbuds for the audio enthusiast as well as the lifestyle enthusiast. it cannot control its stock by popular sizes or styles, so that leaves a lot remaining in the store.“It’s all great stuff but if we have one woman come in who’s small and she gets a job, she’ll come back and get three more things that fit her,” she said. “Then, we won’t have enough of that size.”This weekend’s sale, which takes place on Saturday and Sunday in the old Publix at the Northwood Center, is designed to thin out the stock at bargain basement prices.

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Preparing for the rains
Article publié le 04/09/2013

The rainy season is gradually setting in, and as it does, sad memories of the floods that ravaged many parts of Nigeria last year remain very fresh.In 2012, virtually every state in the country had one ugly tale or the other to tell about the floods which destroyed farmlands and property and rendered millions of people homeless in places like Kano, Jigawa, Cross River, Taraba, Adamawa, Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, Imo, Niger and Anambra States. Unfortunately, governments in those states as well as the Federal Government were caught unawares and it took a while before any reasonable effort could be put in to check the rampaging floods and rescue affected Nigerians. Many of these affected people are still groaning from the aftermath of the floods.

For the current year 2013, the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) has again predicted that rainfall pattern would not be different from what the country witnessed last year. According to director general of the agency, Anthony Anuforom, the annual rainfall amount is expected to be above normal in comparison to 2012 in the northwest areas of Sokoto, Kebbi, Niger, Kwara, Zamfara States and environs, while the rainfall amount will be below normal in Ogun, Oyo and Kebbi States.While predicting the rainfall amount to be normal in most parts of the country, Anuforom disclosed that in the extreme north, rainfall is expected to range from 400 to 1,000mm, while in the south, it is expected to be between 1,500 and 3,000mm.Experts have said flooding can cause a range of health impacts and risks, including death and injury, unhygienic drinking water, harmful material spills, increased population of disease-carrying insects and rodents, mouldy houses, and community disruption and displacement.

As rains become heavier, streams, rivers, and lakes can overflow, increasing the risk of water-borne pathogens.In the face of this, NIMET advises the Federal Government, states as well as the National Emergency Management Agency and other related organisations to ensure adequate preparedness to reduce the nation’s vulnerability not only to flooding but to other weather-related natural hazards, especially in the face of climate change, or face the possible occurrence of emergencies nationwide.It is heartening that some states are already taking precautionary and preventive measures. In Lagos, for instance, where flooding is a perennial problem, although the state was spared much of the devastating impact of last year’s floods, the government says there is no cause for alarm as it is fully prepared for the rainy season this year. Tunji Bello, the state commissioner for the environment, said this while inspecting drainage projects in parts of the state. Governments of Ogun and Oyo States are also reportedly making concrete efforts in that direction.

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Federal judge to rule Tuesday on whether Semmes
Article publié le 30/08/2013

A federal judge requested Thursday for attorneys representing the city of Semmes to provide legal proof on whether the International Building Code applies to the regulation of an oil pipeline.The request, by Chief U.S. District Judge William Steele, was made following a nearly three hour hearing into whether city ordinances adopted by the Semmes City Council are valid in giving the city authority to issue land disturbance permits.Steele said he will make a public ruling on Tuesday into Plains Southcap's requests to stop Semmes from blocking the construction of the Gulf Coast pipeline. The nearly $120 million project from the company's Ten Mile facility in Mobile County to Pascagoula, Miss., requires construction through tracts of Semmes property. The city has since issued "stop work" orders over concerns about construction site-related issues.

But attorney Ken Hitson, representing the city of Semmes, also requested the judge to consider whether the International Building Code was an applicable source in the regulation of the controversial crude oil pipeline under construction within the city's limits.The introduction of the building code into the lawsuit was a last-minute issue presented into a case that could determine whether the pipeline's construction can continue on 57 tracts of city property."I really thought we were going to be hearing something than what I heard today," Steele said. "We've evolved into the International Building Code."

Also at issue is whether Semmes' Feb. 19 ordinance addressing land disturbance permits were written correctly. The city was incorporated about two years ago.During the hearing, former long-time Mobile Assistant Attorney Wanda Cochran testified that she felt the Semmes ordinance was invalid. She said, among other things, that it was not properly coded as required by state law and that it was adopted without a proper second reading by the Semmes City Council.Semmes' legal staff, though, introduced a 2012 ordinance they felt was similar to the Feb. 19 ordinance and that both are applicable with the distribution of land disturbance permits. The permits were needed to be acquired by Plains Southcap in order to build the pipeline on city property.

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Seniors acquiring more debt report says
Article publié le 27/08/2013

Traditional “golden years” could be becoming rarer for older Canadian consumers as their debt loads rise, according to a new report.Canadian consumers of all ages continued to increase their debt burden, said Equifax Canada’s second-quarter report, released on Monday. Total debt rose by nearly $77 billion, or 6.1 per cent, compared with the same time last year.But consumers 65 and older had the greatest year-over-year increase, at 6.5 per cent, according to the credit-monitoring company.“The traditional golden years that retirees anticipated have not become a reality as debt loads rise for those over 65,” said Henrietta Ross, CEO of Credit Counselling Services, in a statement.

“With reduced incomes, often coupled with increased expenses, these individuals are accumulating more debt to boost income through credit so that they can continue to enjoy a pre-retirement lifestyle that they may no longer be able to afford.”She said seniors may be taking on debt to help their own parents or grown children, who may be struggling financially themselves.Despite efforts from regulators to tighten lending standards, debt has increased across all age groups, partially driven by a 7.4 per cent increase in outstanding mortgage debt since last year, the report states. Auto loan balances have also increased 8.6 per cent, according to the report.

An increased demand for credit outside of mortgages is positive for the economy in the short term, Cristian deRitis, Moody’s Analytics senior director of Consumer Credit Economics, said in a statement. But, he warned, that increased demand “could limit the ability of overextended consumers to react to any financial bumps in the road in the future.”“Stable home prices and improvements in the labour market should continue to support the market in the future, while the outlook for consumer credit remains positive,” deRitis said. “A sudden rise in interest rates or deterioration in fundamentals in key export markets are risks to this forecast, however.”While fears of another recession subside, consumers are continuing to accumulate high levels of debt, but with more fiscal responsibility, said Regina Malina, Equifax director of modelling and analytics.

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