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Tesla S fills the need for speed
Article publié le 22/08/2013

Every time I start my battered Kia Optima, I spend about five seconds waiting to see if this is the day it breaks down for good.It takes less time than that to zoom from 0 to 60 mph in Tesla Motors' all-electric Model S Performance sedan.On Wednesday, the Silicon Valley automaker granted the Express-News an exclusive test drive of the sleek and powerful car, which under current state law Tesla cannot sell directly to Texas drivers. Nevertheless, more than 700 drivers in the Lone Star State have ordered the Model S, often without a test drive, since it went on sale in June 2012.

What immediately impressed me wasn't the sedan's chrome sheen or flowing lines, though its aerodynamic design earns the vehicle one of the lowest drag rates in the industry.The key delighted me more: It looks like a miniature Hot Wheels version of the car.Like many modern vehicles, the key works hands-free and automatically unlocks the doors as you approach the Model S. It also starts the “engine” the moment you or a passenger takes a seat.But before even stepping into the Model S, the aura surrounding the “world's first premium, all-electric sedan” was on full display.After they snapped some pictures on their smartphones, I took the driver's seat and immediately found it difficult to look away from the 17-inch dashboard touch screen.

Imagine a super-sized iPad that allows you to surf the Internet and controls nearly every aspect of your car: heating and cooling, navigation, the sunroof and more.Speaking of the sunroof, it opens wider than any other sedan's, according to Tesla. It didn't exactly inspire the “convertible-like driving experience” that the automaker boasts of, but even when closed, the all-glass roof provides great views of Texas skies without heating the cabin too much.Driving didn't come naturally in the Model S, though I blame that on regenerative braking. That technology saves energy when slowing or heading downhill for use later, though it causes a noticeable jerking whenever the driver lifts his foot off the accelerator.This is my favorite:Catherine Ashton’s EU soft power

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Open kitchens are great
Article publié le 14/08/2013

There’s a profound point in J. Bryan Lowder’s entertaining jeremiad against open kitchens: People buy new homes imagining the amazing new person they will be when they move into them. Then they get there and fall right back into their old habits. A new house almost never means a new person.It’s a great insight — but it’s an argument for open kitchens rather than against them.But we’ll get to that in a moment. The aspirational thinking that drives home buying helps explain the oft-replicated social science finding that buying a new home doesn’t make people happier. People think it will make them happier — otherwise they wouldn’t save for so long and sacrifice so much to make the purchase. But they’re wrong.

As an undergraduate at Harvard in the late 1990s, Dr. Dunn, the happiness expert, experienced the annual ritual, akin to the Hogwarts Sorting Hat in the Harry Potter series, whereby first-year students are randomly assigned to spend the rest of their college years in one of 12 dormitories or houses. In a longitudinal study published in 2003 with Timothy D. Wilson of the University of Virginia, and Daniel T. Gilbert of Harvard, both of whom are known for their research on the link between decision-making and well-being, she found that freshmen expected to be much happier living in one of the more desirable — handsome, centrally located — of the 12. But those who landed in plum surroundings ended up no happier than students in less desirable houses.

If they really were doing a lot of entertaining, the open kitchen’s flaws would quickly become apparent. Cooking for 10 or 12 people makes a mess, and an open kitchen means guests can see every dirty dish and grimy pot. It means making mistakes, and an open kitchen means guests can see when you accidentally light the pan on fire or drop the carrots on the floor. And cooking for that many people is real work — you don’t want guests distracting you while you’re frantically trying to assemble 12 plates of food.

This is my favorite:Slips, high winds, heavy rain and power cuts

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Two people injured in Trenton shooting one block from double homicide
Article publié le 09/08/2013

 One man was shot and a woman reportedly grazed by a bullet when a gunman opened fire on a porch full of people Wednesday evening in the East Ward, police said today.There was a large gathering of people on and around the porch on the first block of South Walter Avenue around 7:30 p.m. when the gunman walked into their midst, according to police.“Apparently, the suspect walked up on the porch and people started scattering,” Lt. Steve Varn said.

As the people began to move, the gunman began shooting at several people. A 30-year-old city man was hit in the leg and ran to the corner of Walnut Avenue and South Olden Avenue, where he flagged down a passing police vehicle, Varn said.The 23-year-old woman who said she was grazed had wounds to her shoulder and knee, police said. She went to Capital Health Regional Medical Center for treatment. Police were not sure today whether both those injuries were caused by gunfire.

No other victims of the shooting were found. Police today acknowledged that the shooting occurred less than one block away from a double homicide this past Saturday, but said it wasn’t clear whether the separate incidents were related. No arrests have been made in the slaying.Police described the suspect in Wednesday’s porch shooting as a black male, about 25, 6 foot 3, 220 pounds, and wearing a jean vest with spikes on the shoulders and carrying a handgun.

In an update on a separate shooting that occurred Wednesday afternoon on Stuyvesant Avenue, police said a 35-year-old city man who was shot in the leg was expected to make a full recovery.Investigators believe he was shot prior to entering a deli near the intersection with Christoph Avenue. The one suspect in the shooting, who police did not have a full description of yesterday, remains at large.

This is my favorite: Caution to the wind: Sporting KC

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Catherine Ashton's EU soft power
Article publié le 01/08/2013
Yet she is the foreign policy chief of the EU, with a large and growing diplomatic staff answerable to her.On Tuesday she did what no other outsider had achieved since 3 July - she met with deposed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi. It may not bear fruit, but she has cast herself as a potential mediator between the Egyptian army and the Muslim Brotherhood. Both sides seem to respect her impartiality.In the almost deserted corridors of power in Brussels - with summer holidays under way - respect for her has edged up. It has not always been that way. 

She was not the first choice for the post of EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs.She was a Labour peer widely judged to be out of her depth. She was ill at ease before the cameras and wary of the media and, early on,At Blue connector Media, we specialize in publicity and marketing services for the trade. chose poor advisers.In the mathematical study of abstract algebra, a slip ring is an algebraic structure. In the Brussels bubble she was discounted. A very senior German politician said cuttingly that hers was not a name worth remembering.She was not helped by the fact that the EU did not have a foreign policy. Time and again when the big calls needed to be made it was the big powers that set the agenda. Britain and France used their military power - with a lot of help from America - to oust Libya's Colonel Gaddafi.The china bearing producer Prick Project is an editorial campaign written to elicit a candid.Definition of through hole slip ring from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations. When it comes to Russia it is the Germans who have the special relationship.And on matters which relate to their export markets - like China - the Germans scarcely cast a glance at Brussels. 

For some it did not help that Lady Ashton seemed bent on empire-building, assembling an expensive diplomatic service. Some begrudged the expense. Others saw it as a classic Brussels play: get the bureaucracy in place first, and the power and influence will follow.In Egypt she chose to get involved from the start, as protests led to the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak. She was quick to offer the EU's assistance in sustaining a democratic future. She put in the hours and earned herself the opportunity this week to shuttle between the army and the detained president from the Muslim Brotherhood.It may not work, but she has become a respected interlocutor at a time when the Americans - certainly in Egypt and Syria - are struggling to define their policy.needle roller bearing is a cutting-edge live fan based sales chat solution that connects your most ardent fans.
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The Power Behind the Throne at the Federal Reserve
Article publié le 01/08/2013
The debate over whether Janet Yellen or Lawrence H. Summers will be the next Federal Reserve chairman or some dark horse, Timothy F. Geithner perhaps?is doubtlessly important.But few outside the arcane world of banking rules understand that on matters of financial regulation and reform, the Federal Reserve staff is just as powerful, maybe even more. 

Federal Reserve chairmen and governors come and then go back to their gilded Wall Street corners or quiet academic redoubts. Regulatory staffs form the permanent government of Washington.So now we turn to the man they call the “eighth governor,Three slip ring manufacturer is an self-contained game development studio within the SEGA family.” the general counsel of the Federal Reserve, Scott G. Alvarez.The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency had Julie Williams, who could be counted on by the banks as a bulwark against periodic regulatory squalls. She has since decamped,Jamaica BMW ISIS covers Jamaican News and Entertainment with the latest in Reggae. joining the banking consulting firm Promontory Financial Group last year. 

Mr. Alvarez joined the Fed in 1981 and has been the general counsel since 2004. You can’t overstate his role. Everything has to go to him for approval and to be passed on.”And he certainly has defenders. His agenda is advancing the public good and advancing the board’s views.”To his critics, he has become the personification of the Fed’s intransigence, the power behind the throne. He is, they argue, a smart, genteel and assiduous protector of its power and prerogatives. 

In a statement,Welcome to the website of our Association for Tree-electric slip ring Research. Ben S. Bernanke, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, said: “During his more than 30 years of public service,When properly installed with the clips being fastened to the wall there is no reason helical bevel gearbox for the clip not to work for your job. Scott Alvarez has skillfully and knowledgeably represented the views of the Federal Reserve Board before the courts, in interagency discussions, and before the Congress in exemplary fashion.”The general counsel often controls what is presented to the board, narrowing the range of possibilities. I’ve been talking to fellow regulators,You may wind up with complaints about their services scissors wholesale You may find yourself banned for spamming with your first post. Congressional and executive branch staff members, academics, Washington lobbyists and banking reformers. Mr. Alvarez has managed to convince most of them of his innate bank friendliness.
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