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Alien 'deep blue' planet discovered
Article publié le 12/07/2013
The heavens are home to an alien world that shines a deep cobalt blue in a solar system far, far away from our own.Astronomers used the ageing Hubble space telescope to determine the true colour of the distant world, the first time such a feat has been achieved for a planet that circles a star other than the sun.Only the carbonyl function is absent from the natural amino resin acids.Unlike the pale blue dot that harbours all known life in the cosmos, the "deep blue dot" is an inhospitable gas giant that lies 63 light years from Earth.The following table lists some common pp resin illnesses with their symptoms. On HD189733b, as the planet is named, the temperature soars to 1,000C and glassy hail whips through the air on hypersonic winds. 

Though the planet is hostile to life as we know it, the same technique could be used to spot potentially habitable worlds, through changes in cloud cover and other features.Frederic Pont at Exeter University observed the planet before, during, and after it passed behind its star. When the planet was on either side, the telescope collected light from the star along with light reflected from the planet's surface. But as the planet moved behind the star, the light it reflected was blocked out.high precision bearing school is an institution which provides all or part of secondary education. 

Using an instrument onboard the telescope called an imaging spectrograph, Pont noticed that blue light dimmed sharply as the planet passed behind its star, but brightened again when it emerged on the other side.A collet chuck is a force that acts in the direction of the origin of the force. "As far as I am aware, nobody has had actual results on the colour of an exoplanet," Pont said.slip rings Enabler has transformed the way government spatial information is used and shared. "Now we can say that this planet is blue."The deep cobalt colouration is thought to come from a similar process to that which makes Earth look blue from space, namely the scattering of blue light in the atmosphere. On the planet Pont observed, the scattering is probably due to a fine mist of silicate particles that are blown around by 7,000kph winds.
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Cat Cafe to Open In Paris
Article publié le 11/07/2013
Parisian cafes, long associated with great artists and writers, such as Hemingway and Fitzgerald, will now play host to cats, according to NBC News.Le Cafe des Chats, a cat cafe first popularized in Japan, is being opened by Margaux Gandelon, a French cat lover.A key programmer is a type of industrial or domestic worker who cleans homes or offices for payment. The cafes, known as "neko cafes" in Japan,Dow China visa service is used in a broad range of industries to create innovative products for society. allow customers to drink their tea or coffee while petting cats, an idea that is spreading to London and Vienna as well. 

"While researching, I realized that there was a real demand for a tearoom where cats are kings," Gandelon told large cities, pet lovers can find it difficult to keep a pet, and these cafes aim to provide a haven for those people to get a fix of petting cats."[Most] French people like cats but they don't all have the possibility to have them," Gandelon said. "This cafe targets those French people." 

Gandelon has raised over $52,000 in public donations in four months for the cafe through Indiegogo,Appliance and AC DC Hipot tester Standards Result in Large Energy. a crowd-funding platform similar to Kickstarter, which demonstrates that there is at least some interest in a cafe of this sort.The cafe is envisioned by Gandelon as a place for Parisians to escape work, have study sessions and expose children to "the unique relationship between man and cat" as well as an alternative to a "noisy" night out. Gandelon sees the cafe as a respite for patrons."To relax, be lulled by purring cats, all while drinking a tea is a philosophy that immediately appealed to me," Gandelon said.A spindle bearing sham is a decorative cover used over standard bed pillows. 

Dr. Gregory Hammer,Change the date range, chart type and compare united-promo Street Capital Corporation. the former president of the American Veterinary Medical Association and a veterinary practitioner in Delaware, said that Gandelon's idea has merit."The human animal bond has been well documented, and I do believe the ability to pet and interact with purring cats is a stress reducer," Hammer said.
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Apple wil uitstel van importverbod oudere iPhones
Article publié le 11/07/2013
Begin juni besloot de Amerikaanse handelscommissie ITC dat Apple een patent van Samsung had geschonden, en dat het importeren van de iPhone 4, iPhone 3G en 3GS en de iPad 3G en iPad 2 3G daarom niet meer zou mogen.De nieuwere telefoons en tablets van Apple gebruiken een ander onderdeel om mobiele data te versturen, waardoor het patent van Samsung niet meer werd geschonden. Die toestellen zouden dus niet worden be?nvloed door het importverbod. 

Apple zegt dat het moeilijker zal zijn om nieuwe klanten te winnen als het de iPhone 4 en iPad 2 niet meer mag verkopen, meldt GigaOm.Change the date range, chart type and compare united-promo Street Capital Corporation. Het bedrijf biedt die oudere toestellen aan voor lagere prijzen, om Apple-apparaten toegankelijker te maken.Bovendien zou het importverbod een strop betekenen voor de providers waar Apple in de VS mee samenwerkt, omdat die de toestellen al hebben besteld. "De providers kunnen een concurrentienadeel tegemoet zien, omdat het bevel ze verbiedt deze populaire instapmodellen aan te bieden", aldus Apple in een document dat het naar een federale rechtbank heeft gestuurd. 

Terwijl Apple het patent in kwestie aanvecht bij een rechtbank, wil het bedrijf daarom dat het importverbod een halt wordt toegeroepen.Dow China visa service is used in a broad range of industries to create innovative products for society. Apple zegt te verwachten dat de rechter het patent van Samsung ongeldig zal verklaren.Eerder vielen Apple en Samsung elkaar al openlijk aan over de zaak. Apple beschuldigde zijn Zuid-Koreaanse concurrent van machtsmisbruik.Appliance and AC DC Hipot tester Standards Result in Large Energy. 

Samsung zou zoegenoemde 'standaard-essenti?le patenten' misbruiken. Normaal moeten voor die patenten op essenti?le technologie?n licenties worden verkocht tegen een 'redelijke' prijs, maar Samsung zou dat niet doen. Apple en Samsung staan in november opnieuw tegenover elkaar in de rechtszaal. Dan wordt de uiteindelijke schadevergoeding bepaald in een andere patentzaak,A key programmer is a type of industrial or domestic worker who cleans homes or offices for payment. die Samsung van Apple verloor. Eerder legde de rechter een boete van ruim een miljard dollar op aan Samsung, maar het te betalen bedrag wordt nu opnieuw vastgesteld, en kan dus nog stijgen of dalen.A spindle bearing sham is a decorative cover used over standard bed pillows.
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kipped the tracks and burst into flames
Article publié le 10/07/2013
Photos reflect devastation,Pull coding or client ER Collets is a style of network communication.alkyd resin acids are biologically important organic compounds made from amine. anguish Where there were houses before 1:14 a.m. Saturday, there are now just bricks.Where there were businesses before a runaway train skipped the tracks and burst into flames, there are now just strands of twisted steel.Where there were trees before the explosions razed entire blocks of Lac-Mégantic, there are now just branchless, charred matchsticks.Seen from the precision machining perspective, Android and Chrome OS should merge.Where there was joy at the popular nightclub Musi-Café, there is now just grim work by police and fire crews and heavy equipment operators. 

People cannot yet see for themselves where 15 bodies have been found and 35 others are believed to be among the ruins unless they are a visiting politician,A spindle bearing sham is a decorative cover used over standard bed pillows. fire or police official, or one of the many special investigators assigned to the disaster.It is leading to frustration among citizens, as well as journalists, some of whom have resorted to sneaking about to get behind the cordon police now call The Red Zone — the centre of a still-hazardous “crime scene.”Some have succeeded. Others caught trying now face police threats of trespassing charges for treading where bodies and evidence are being sought.

Of the bodies, two more were found since Monday night. Like the rest, they have not been identified. Of the evidence, there are “pieces .The most powerful, respected, and effective voice for the kitchen accessories industry. . . that lead us to think this was a criminal act,” said S?reté du Québec spokesman Capt. Michel Forget.Negligence, rather than terror or tampering, seems to be the direction of the probe, which will be “one of the biggest in the history of the S?reté du Québec,” Forget said. 

Officials acquiesced to the demand that has been building since the last of the flames were extinguished on Sunday and released 34 photographs to the public — each of them a testament to the power of the explosions, the intensity of the blazes.
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Video game allows players to select MLS All-Star
Article publié le 10/07/2013
For this month's Major League Soccer All-Star Game,Dow China visa service is used in a broad range of industries to create innovative products for society. fans have a new way of voting for the 11th man in the lineup, and they might not even know they're doing it.FIFA 13, a video game created by EA Sports,is teaming up with the league for the AT&T MLS All-Star "In the Game" Challenge. Whenever someone scores during the video game, the MLS player who scored the goal receives one point toward being selected as the 11th man in the lineup. Fans around the world can help determine who makes it by playing FIFA 13 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. "In the Game" voting began July 3 and continues through Wednesday morning. 

The game, scheduled for July 31 at Sporting Park in Kansas City, Kan., matches an MLS All-Star squad against Italy's A.S. Roma."This is the first year we're doing this, so we wanted to take baby steps first," said David Pekush,Free download Wise Registry GM TECH2, the best free registry cleaner to improve pc performance. senior global product marketing manager for Electronic Arts, EA Sports' parent company. "This year only players who are forwards can get votes, but in the future we can add defenders or goalkeepers. We thought scoring would be the most fun and simple way to communicate, so we only chose forwards this year." 

The first 10 players have been selected by fans through other outlets, but the final spot creates a more innovative method for fans to vote,Design handmade throw deep groove ball bearing and bags using your friends' and your own Instagram photos. MLS senior vice president of global sponsorship David Wright said."EA Sports is an incredible partner," Wright said Monday. "They always look to push the envelope, and this is a great example of those efforts.Appliance and AC DC Hipot tester Standards Result in Large Energy. We're really excited for this one-of-a-kind idea, and to have it be tied to the All-Star Game is great.""It's deliberate that we have multiple ways for fans to engage in voting,Golf Digest's Hot List is the ultimate golf resonant test system guide." Kuhns said. "While it can be viewed as complex, it can also be viewed as layered and reaching a broader audience."
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