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Hw to delete Fiat Ducato III DPF and EGR value with Kess V2
Article publi le 07/11/2018
Today flashing the engine control unit on the Fiat Ducato III 2013Y 2.3L MT EDC16C39. 
It was necessary to turn off the EGR valve (it will shut up, a lot of soot in the intake manifold), DPF diesel particulate filter (to be cut), and of course, a fine tuning by itself) 
We will need the KESS V2 Master programmer clone or origianl.

(Disclaimer: The tutorial was translated from Russian. You are at your risk. Click to enlarge all images)

Launch KSuite :

Choose a Fiat Ducato with the specified EDC16c39 control unit :
ECU identification:
HW: 0281018924 
SW: 103752158 
Spare: 55244353 
Now we will read the calibrations, press reading:

Almost half read:
Almost everything was considered:
Turn off the ignition:
Calibrations were counted as 15min, the correct size was 2Mb:
The resulting file 0281018924_1037521589_55244353.bin is sent to a verified calibrator, we pay as much as required, and we get the answer to the correct modified file for our tasks. 
Now, in the Ksuite program, select and write the new file:
Almost half signed up:
Almost everything is recorded:
Calibrations were recorded in 2 minutes:
Now you need to remove any errors that may have occurred. Choose Del Errors :
Run the process:
The task is completed, you can turn off kess v2 software:

Current car mileage 158261km:
The Fiat Experiment:
It became definitely better. DPF will be cut , the EGR is muffled and the most important thing is to clean the intake manifold.
Everything works perfectly. 
All good! 
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How to update VXDIAG Benz C6 Xentry VCI Firmware
Article publi le 23/10/2018
How to update and configure VXDIAG Benz C6 firmware Xentry 05.2018.

Look here: Allscanner Benz C6 New Update
Allscanner released XENTRY Diagnosis VCI (C6) driver for XENTRY XDOS 2018.05
How to update Benz C6 VCX firmware to version
When you finish installation and configuration of  XENTRY XDOS 2018.05, pls install VX Manager and do settings as follows:
1. update VCX firmware version to

2. update DoIP firmware version to 1.3.1

3. install BENZ C6 driver

How to configure VXDIAG Xentry Diagnostic VCI C6 diagnostic tool:
Note: you should follow the steps below to setup the diagnostic device, if you install XENTRY yourself
1. open ConfigAssist and click on XENTRY Diagnosis VCI
2. click on ConfigAssist

3. continue
4. continue
5. cannot detect StartKey? Click on Manual setup to enter the StartKey
6. save the key data and click on Application and then continue

7. click on Application, continue

8. complete Benz C6 configuration. Exit

Reboot your laptop after configuration!!!
The icon will be displayed on your Desktop, if  you manage to do the configuration and have success with Benz C6 connection to the laptop.
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Renault Megane II key card programming with CAN CLIP
Article publi le 19/10/2018

Here’s the instruction on Chinese key card Chinese Renault Can Clip.


Disclaimer: The tutorial was translated from Russian. You are at your risk.



After replacing the engine, I had one car key card.  I need to add a spare key so I ordered a 3-button spare key card online. 

(Renault Clip showed that the key is 433 MHz with support for the remote control function). The key came within a month. The quality is good, but not perfect. 

From the original key Renault 7701209132(according to this number, the key without the remote control function) differs in the thickness of the body, which is 0.5 mm thicker than the original key. 



Left: original Renault 7701209132 key card, Right: clone key card




The gap between the key card case and the original metal key inserted into it.

There is also a very noticeable gap between the key-card case and the metal key inserted into it. The gap was present both with the Chinese blank for cutting the key, and in the original second key of my car put into the case. 


Top: original Renault 7701209132 key card, Bottom: Chinese key card


The thickness of the original key card Renault 7701209132 – 5 mm


Key Card bought online – 5.5 mm

Also, due to a 0.5 mm thicker case, a step will be between the key card case and the original metal key inserted in it, since the plastic part of the metal key is thinner.


The instruction is applicable only to Renault Megane II phase 1.
For programming the key card used the old V116 version of the program CAN Clip. In the newer version 156 or above it was not possible to flash the key card, since the program required security token, disconnection from the Internet did not help.

 If the remote control option is not installed on the machine, then during the initialization of the keys, Clip will warn you that the key with the support of the remote option and the option is not installed on the car, but nevertheless, Clip will allow you to program the key with the remote function. 


You’ll need:

The new key+ all other keys that need to be operable
Renault Can Clip with a PC running Windows XP or Windows 7

The program RenaultPinExtractor (you can search and download from google)

The program RenaultPinExtractor 2 .

In the folder Renault Pin extractor + immo_code_renault immo_code_renault Rpe_  Renault Pin Extractor.exe file with a virus. The desired program in the folder Renault Pin extractor + immo_code_renault with the name RenaultPinExtractor 2.exe


Start up the Renault Clip software


UCH – UCH (central electronic passenger compartment switching unit)


Enter configuration mode


Choose encoding/reading


Select button SC003 Spare/reserve


Enter 5938 followed by enter when prompted for a code


We need to write down the ISK code

We need the bytes from 18 up to 23. Some cars do require up to byte 24.

You will get a string of bytes like in DDT2000. ISK is 6 bytes from 18-23. (A special case is Johnson Controls for Logan 2010+ – 7 bytes from 18-24)


In the top bar you have the Byte ID

In the lower car you have the actual Byte Value.

Open the Renault Pin Extractor

Go to the ISK tab

Select your car and enter the ISK code you just wrote down.

Click to button ISK TO PIN. Then copy the calculated PIN code.


Go to secured encoding/reading and choose encode cards.

Remove the card from the card slot and press continue

Now we need to present all the cards one at a time, that we want to be able to operate the car with.

Just follow the on screen commands

In ImmoBox you need to select MC9S12DG256 (Megane 2, Scenic 2)


Now we received an outcode, Write this down. We’ll need it to calculate another code with Renault Pin Extractor.

Go back to Renault Pin Extractor, select Clip tab


Enter the outcode you just got and enter the VIN number. You can find the VIN at the bottom of your screen.


Paste the pin code we copied earlier and press Calculate


Copy the calculated incode. Go back to Renault CAN Clip and paste the Incode


Present the cards again one by one and follow the on screen instructions.


Now enjoy your key card.


Remove the card and let the PC write all the data away. RF sync should be ok.



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Free Download Scania SDP3 V2.37 Multi-Language Software
Article publi le 18/10/2018
Scania SDP3 Diagnos & Programmer 3 software has been tested and verified working with Scania VCI2, VCI3 interface.
Software version:
Multi-language:  German, English,Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian,Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish,Turkish, Chinese, Traditional Chinese,Romanian
Operating system: Windows 7 32 bit,  Windows 8/8.1 32 bit, Windows 10 32 bit.
Compatible device: Scania VCI2 SDP3Scania VCI3 SDP3
Activation:  1 Time activation for Free via Teamviewer

Free Download Scania SDP3 V2.37 software without dongle 
password: scania2.37.2@

The catalog “Scania SDP2 2.33 Diagnostic Software” is the dealer software , contains all needed detailed infomation , which depends on type of the catalog (spare parts catalog, repair service manuals / bulletins, workshop or shop manuals, body repair manuals, wiring / electrical diagrams, hydraulic lines, customer or operation manuals, diagnostic program, technical information and other documents)

Highest level access
Internal Scania
Industry & Marine
Authorized Scania Workshops

Check and adjustments
Fault Codes
Fault Reporting
Programming of Control units

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Seat Leon 2015 MQB Odometer Correction via OBD
Article publi le 16/10/2018
New test report: one of our customer has successfully corrected odometer on a Seat Leon 2015 MQB system using Xtool X100 Pad2 full version.

Note: X100 Pad2 only full version can change mileage for part of VAG MQB.  Xtool EZ500/PS80 does same job. 

Connect X100 pad with vehicle via OBD
Select Odometer Adjustment function->Seat->Leon->MQB (2014.06-)


Only continental and VDO are supported, and more dashboard types are under development
Turn on ignition switch but don't start engine
X100 Pad2 read current mileage which is the same as displayed on dashboard
Manually enter mileage you desired and confirm
 Communicating and writing data in progress

Change mileage succeed

Check new mileage on dashboard 

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